Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
Site Live on MEGA Campus

More Direct ▪ More Diverse


With the new Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute site on MEGA Campus, enterprises can now directly and privately connect to Microsoft Azure in MEGA-i, either through an onsite PoP or via telco partners, managed service providers or cloud exchange platforms available on MEGA Campus.  The Azure ExpressRoute connections do not go through the public internet.


Greater Resilience

Create diversified connections for enriched availability, recovery and business continuity

Seamless Cloud Experience

Establish private access for cross-region users of Azure in Hong Kong and Azure in mainland China

Increased Flexibility

Flexibly access Azure via an onsite PoP or a variety of telco partners, MSPs or cloud exchange platforms

Enhanced Security & Network Performance

Directly and privately transfer data and latency-sensitive applications to and from Azure within MEGA-i

Direct Regional Connectivity

Enable enterprises from neighbouring Asian countries to directly connect to Azure at MEGA-i

Extended Cloud Connectivity

Create connections to Azure by deploying in other data centres on MEGA Campus

Direct Connection to Azure on MEGA Campus


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